Entrusted Purchasing

HMEonline through many years of foreign trade experience,we provide professional product quotation services for buyers.Tell us the name, specification,quantity,packaging and other special needs of the products you need to purchase by message or email.Our consulting team will confirm your quotation service needs within 48 hours.

Problem Solution

HMEonline has professional engi-neers in multiple vertical industries. You can get free help from experi-enced engineers to provide profes-sional solutions for various situations you encounter.

Supplier Recommendation

HMEonline has data on more than 20 million Chinese suppliers,including original equipment manufacturers, customized product manufacturers, service companies and distributors in construction industry,machinery industry,furniture industry,medical industry,chemical industry,manu- facturing industry,etc.

Factory Inspection Accompanying

HMEonline can meet your needs for on-site factory inspection of suppli-ers,from the schedule from flight landing to technical discussion details,and our consulting team can provide services for you.

Sample Generation

HMEonline is willing to communicate with suppliers for your sample needs and meet every reasonable sample needs as much as possible.Let samples be the first step in building trust between you and suppliers.

Cargo Packaging

HMEonline can provide special pack-aging needs for your goods accord-ing to your needs.By using our preparation and inspection services, you can always ensure the quality of your goods.We provide you with the most favorable price and high-qual-ity service.

Goods Storage

HMEonline can provide high-quality warehousing services for your goods, so that you have no worries about the storage fee of goods in the port.

Ocean Shipping Booking

HMEonline provides one-stop shipping logistics services.We have dozens of cooperative freight for-warding companies,which can provide more considerate services at more favorable prices according to your goods.

Don’t solve your problem? Let our professional advisors serve you exclusively.

HMEonline offers one-stop solution for customers. With the core principle of customer first, we combines the choice, convenience and value you expect to get with more than 100,000 products and professional services. Please visit About Us for details.

Our strength lies in our extensive business scope, with millions of suppliers in different industries and corresponding product on call. Whether it is personal purchase, small-scale purchase or bulk purchase, HMEonline's aim is continually to provide the absolute best delight and protect the buyer's satisfactory interests.

You can directly enter concise product names, keywords or models in the search box to obtain results, or contact our online experts for one-on-one service.

HMEonline spend a lot of time and effort to ensure every product displayed on our platform and every supplier we cooperate is 100% verified. Detailed certification can be used as supporting evidence.

General product information, such as specifications and MOQ, has been published on the corresponding product page. For immediate results, post one RFQ or contact our online experts directly will be more convenient.

From the confirmation of your order, our professional advisors will follow up the whole process, from production to receipt. 20+ years experience ensures they can handle any difficult issues to protect your interests.

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