Full Automatic Ton Bag Unpacking Machine

The fully automatic ton bag unpacking machine adopts sealed processing, which can prevent dust pollution during the unpacking process of materials. The equipment body is equipped with dust removal equipment, which can absorb the dust overflowing from the equipment chassis, and uniformly transport it to the material outlet after centralized storage, so as to meet the requirements of environmental protection and dust removal and prevent material loss and waste.




1. The process of bag unpacking and material separation of large bags of materials are conducted in a totally closed manner, and each process is equipped with a dust collector, which has no dust leakage and low noise, thus optimizing the working environment of workers.

2. The equipment is simple and reliable in operation, with low failure rate and reduced maintenance workload.

3. The equipment is specially designed to separate the broken packaging bags from the materials, so that they will not be mixed into the materials or hung in the separation device.

4. Automatic alarm and emergency stop in case of equipment failure to protect equipment and avoid misoperation.

5. After bag breaking, unloading and separation, it can be used together with other conveying equipment to complete the functions of powder conveying and storage.

6. Different sizes of bags can be handled without adjusting the equipment.




Full Automatic Ton Bag Unpacking Machine
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